atap upvc roof holodeckatap upvc roof holodeckatap upvc roof holodeckatap upvc roof holodeck
  • Holodeck With New Colours

    White, Blue, Green, Red Maroon, Full Black, Translucent
  • Holodeck UPVC Roof

    Designed with wider and higher wave profiles that increase strength And UPVC roof stability against extreme weather.
  • Holodeck Cool Roof

    Enhanced with an ASV coating of UPVC protection that improves heat dissipation and also damages of UV exposure. Ordering information can contact us directly or visit our office in North Jakarta.
  • Holodeck Hollow Roof

    Has a larger wave profile and reinforced with corrugated design, Holodeck is the strongest UPVC roof in the market Which can easily withstand extreme weather being sold at an affordable price!

    • Sound Insulation
    • Flexible
    • Fireproof
    • A.S.A Protection
    • Anti Corrosion
    • Strong Durable
    • Stay Cool