About Us

"Holodeck is a smart and innovative solution for the needs of anti-heat and anti-corrosion roofs"


WELCOME to the world of alternative roofing offered by the manufacturer of renowned 3 layer UPVC roof AVANTGUARD brand. With our newest product Holodeck, we have gone on to make an established brand even better. Now reinforced with a corrugated design and enhanced with fourth Generation A.S.A coating, Holodeck UPVC roof will withstand nearly all that nature and its temperamental weather will throw at. Designed for strength, yet flexible Holodeck will Dominate the architectural landscape where style meets functionability.

Other benefits of Holodeck cool roof include it being non flammable, Chemical resistant as well as it being a thermal insulator. No more worries about designing for environments that are harsh for existing metal roofings and having to add flammable and unhealthy insulation to maintain a cool and comfortable working or living space. Choose Holodeck now for a smart and innovative solution to your roofing needs.
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