• Non Flammable
    Holodeck is non-flammable and will not spread in an unfortunate event of a fire. This guarantees the safety of the rest of the property from fire unlike some roof insulation products that can spread it rapidly.
  • Cool Roof
    Holodecks corrugated design coupled with UPVC material ensures that heat is not transmitted into the building and tests have shown to reduce temperature by up to 5 degrees during noon time. This provides a very comfortable environment for workers in the factories or home owners resting at home.
  • High Strength
    Utilising a larger and higher wave profile and incorporating a corrugated design, Holodeck is the strongest UPVC roofing material in the market
  • Anti Corrosion
    Holodeck UPVC roofing can withstand over 90% of acids, bases and salts making it an extremely valuble advantage for chemical related factories or costal buildings.
  • A.S.A Protection
    HOLODECK is a new generation UPVC roof that utilizen Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (A.S.A) coating for a highly improved UV Protection, increase heat dissipation, improve color fastness and protects againts mould growth.
  • Flexible
    Although built to be high strength and rigid, Holodeck is flexible over a certain length making it suitable for curve roofs without having to go through physical rolling like metal roofing.
  • Sound Insulation
    Holodeck reduces noise transmission due to heavy rainfall by up to 20 decibels as compared to metal roofings therefore creating a comfortable environment for factory workers or home owners.